By Kathrine Lemmon

In Western culture we have accepted that we are chemical beings that require balance in order to function optimally.  We take supplements and medicines designed to prevent and heal disease by altering this chemistry. But we are also energy. In fact, everything is energy and science has proven that all physical and non-physical matter, such as space, is made up of molecules in constant motion. It makes sense then to pay at least as much attention to our energetic health as it does to our chemical make up.

If this seems foreign to you, just reflect on how the vibration both within and around you can affect your feeling of well being.  We all know that positive emotion can make us feel energized and invigorated and lower emotions can do the opposite. Those are examples of a shifts in our vibration – for what is emotion but e-nergy in motion?  You might also know people who leave you feeling drained after you are with them. Some would refer to these types as “energy vampires”. Whether they have tapped into and drawn from your energy field or whether you have simply become entrained to a lower vibration they emit, the result is the same – your frequency has lowered and you feel it. You might also experience this sort of lowering of your frequency when you enter a room where there has just been a heated argument – we call this picking up on a “bad vibe”.

Science is now beginning to provide evidence supporting the theory that all injury, pain and disease begins with an energy imbalance which can actually alter the chemistry in your body. Imbalances or blockages in our energy flow can be caused by trauma, suppressed emotion or continued lower vibrational states such as stress, depression or anxiety. This is something ancient cultures instinctively knew as they mapped out meridian lines, spin points (such as the major chakras) and auric fields in and around the human body and devised practices and therapies to balance the body’s energy, such as yoga, reiki and acupuncture.

An energy therapist is simply someone with heightened awareness of energy and energy flow that has become practiced in using subtle techniques to remove any blockages and direct that flow.  An energy therapy session will typically leave you feeling more balanced, relaxed, calm and uplifted. I often hear people say they feel like they have had a full body massage, even though only light touch is involved.

Regardless of whether you choose to have an energy therapy session, I believe the awareness of your energy body and the maintenance of a healthy flow and higher frequency through use of techniques or practices that resonate with you is essential to your health.

Good vibrations to you!

If you have any questions about the benefits of energy therapy or what is involved in a session, please contact Kathrine Lemmon for more information.