With the use of a dark field microscope, a video camera and a single drop of blood, Blood Cell Analysis allows us to observe patterns in our red and white blood cells.  These patterns are significant in gaining a better understanding of your overall state of health when considered alongside other lab testing and your detailed health history. Blood Cell Analysis is a great tool for tracking the progress of your treatment plan, as nutritional and lifestyle changes can dramatically alter your blood picture.

For more information about Live Cell Microscopy,  click here: “Live-Blood-Article.pdf” or watch the video below.

Watch Paula Describe Live Blood Cell Analysis

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Please note there are a couple of different option available for testing: 

For non-clients of the clinic or individuals who would like only the Live Blood Cell Analysis (no interpretation on your results) select: Live Blood Cell Analysis Only $65

For the Live Blood Cell Analysis and interpretation with Paula select: Live Blood Cell Analysis with Interpretation $100

If you are a patient of our Naturopathic Doctors please select: Naturopathic Lab Visit Blood Analysis $70 and ensure you book a follow up with your Naturopathic Doctor to review your results.