Chiropractic therapy is an alternative medicine that is evidence-based, non-invasive and a hands-on regulated health care profession that focuses primarily on the neuro-musculoskeletal system.  

On your first visit, Dr. Braich will complete a full history exam and physical examination, including neurological and orthopedic testing and will then provide a report of findings and plan of management. 

Chiropractors undergo 8 years of post-secondary training from an accredited Chiropractic college and clinical training. They are trained to evaluate, diagnose, recommend and provide a treatment plan that is specific to the patient’s condition.  

Services provided include:

Spinal manipulative therapy

Soft tissue therapy


Active Release Therapy (ART)



Compression stocking

Custom Bracing

Custom Orthotics



Exercise Therapy 

Nutritional recommendations

Medical Acupuncture:

Medical Acupuncture is a precise peripheral nerve stimulation technique, in which fine solid needles (acupuncture needles of varying lengths depending on body site) are inserted into an anatomically defined neurofunctional sites. The insertion of the needle is completed manually and sometimes there is an addition of electro-stimulation for the purpose of disrupting abnormal activity of the nervous system. Medical acupuncture is a successful modality to help bring down pain levels and improve overall function.

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