We are excited to share an excellent reference, written by our very own Dr. Jodie Peacock, ND!

Preconceived: A Step-By-Step Guide to Enhancing Your Fertility and Preparing Your Body for a Healthy Baby

Does healthy living begin before conception?  There is a new trend on the rise.   For the first time in history, our children’s life expectancy is shorter then their parents. Our world has become more toxic and our food less nutritious. Our bodies aren’t evolving quickly enough to keep up with these environmental changes.

As a potential parent what can you do to reverse this phenomenon?

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Jodie Peacock ND understands this prediction well and is focused on improving the health of potential parents and our next generation.


By reading Preconceived you will:

  • Be able to take back control of your health and fertility;
  • Learn nutritional and lifestyle changes that are proven to optimize fertility and have a significant positive impact on your baby’s health;
  • Understand laboratory work that should be preformed before you get pregnant and optimal ranges for healthy conception;
  • Access a step by step guide with ‘easy to implement’ take home information at the end of each chapter.

You can buy Preconceived online or in our office!


Dr. Peacock has a special interest in:Women’s health hormone balancing addressing the adrenals, thyroid and ovarian function; Treating symptoms associated with fertility, PCOS, menopause, weight gain and fatigue; Treating athletes, improving performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.